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IELTS Training in Chennai

  • Einstro Academy offers the Best IELTS Training in Chennai so that you can achieve a higher IELTS score overall. Einstro Academy offers IELTS instruction both online and in-person.
  • We are committed to provide interactive IELTS sessions and the most effective IELTS preparation in all four modules, including speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Einstro Academy is the finest option whether you're looking for the best IELTS classes online or in person, regardless of whether you're taking the test for the first time or not.
  • Band 7 is an average score for the majority of our learners, and we have trained over a thousand of them.
IELTS Training in Chennai
IELTS Training in Chennai

Explaining the IELTS Test.

  • IELTS is designed to evaluate English language proficiency at many levels. There is no such thing as a pass or fail on the IELTS exam.
  • The results are reported as band scores, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 9 representing the greatest.
  • More than 140 countries offer the IELTS as frequently as four times a month. Saturdays and Thursdays are test days.
  • At, you may find a list of all IELTS testing locations across the world.
IELTS Training in Chennai

The English Assessment Exam

  • IELTS is the most popular English language test in the world (International English Language Testing System). More than 2.5 million people take the IELTS exam each year.
  • IELTS is a gateway to study and career opportunities worldwide. IELTS is approved by over 10,000 organisations in 140 countries, including hiring managers, educational institutions, and professional groups.
  • The one and only English Proficiency test is accepted by all nations for immigration is the IELTS Test.
  • IELTS is managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, IDP Australia, and the British Council, three multinational organisations (Cambridge ESOL).

IELTS Test formats

  • Academics and General Education are the two primary areas of the exam.
  • IELTS Academic is intended for applicants to professional registration, higher education, etc.
  • IELTS General is for those moving to English-speaking nations such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, or for those working in such countries.
IELTS Training in Chennai


IELTS coaching is essential for test takers with a limited proficiency in English. It is important to know the test format, language requirements, and nuances of the IELTS. Learning from certified tutors is the best choice, and this will help you pass the exam on the first attempt. So joining an IELTS coaching centre will save you time and money.

Einstro Academy is an IDP, British Council, and Cambridge-authorized IELTS test registration partner for the IELTS Exam. Our counsellors will assist you if you call this number: +91 8754543330 to schedule the exam.

If you are taking IELTS on a computer, you are already aware that the Listening, Reading, and Writing tests will be administered on a computer, while the Speaking test will be administered in front of an IELTS examiner. There are several advantages to taking IELTS on a computer, including more possibilities to take the exam and speedier results, which are now available within three to five days after taking the exam. Test dates are nearly always available, with the exception of festivals and national holidays. There are morning, afternoon, and evening time slots available, providing you greater freedom in determining when you can perform at your peak.

The IELTS Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are all taken on the same day, with no breaks in between. However, the speaking test may be conducted 1–3 days before or after the other tests. If you registered for IELTS computer-delivered, your Speaking exam will usually take place on the same day. The total exam duration is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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