Starting a Career in Sales

Starting a Career in Sales | Einstro Academy
Post on 30 Nov 2022

Why not a Sales Career? Your first job in sales would pay a six figure base salary with great benefits and be in an industry for which you have tons of passion.

Salary & Benefits

Sales can be defined as Performance based Career. Your salary can be increased into X times when you hit the target. Generally Sales professionals grow quicker in their Career. You must be aggressive and confidence to start your sales career in a position that pays only on your performance but taking the risk can not only be rewarding but it can also provide you the absolute best sales experience you could ever ask for. Working on Commission basis are at the top of this list because those who succeed on  commission based sales positions are often paid high and have been as most successful sales professionals.

You can become an Expert

Deep product and industry knowledge enables sales people to transition into a consultant role. Pick a product or industry that is personally interesting, understand the nuances of it and the knowledge gained can be driven in many directions. Great sales people add value to their customers’ experiences by teaching them something that they didn’t know previously. However, by starting a career in sales you’ll learn that the more time you spend interfacing with customers, the better you familiarize yourself with the product/servicethat you are trying to sell.

Want to prepare for a career in sales?

Einstro Academy delivers coaching to young Graduates who want to start their career in Sales. We offer variety of training programs that enables you to be competent and gain in-depth knowledge in Sales.  

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